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As part of the WOW! (Women on Writing) Blog Tours for Dancing at the Shame Prom and The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton – Book One: Crash-Landing on Ooleeoo, I have had both book reviews accepted for publication on

The links are and

I will post both book reviews on my website shortly.

Check out my interview with Tilda Pinkerton on December 21st, and my interview with Amy Friedman, contributor to Dancing at the Shame Prom, on January 11th.

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Today SPAWNews published my article. I have it posted on my site at

Tomorrow I am mailing my poetry collection and children’s story to copyright. I have completed my magical realism short story collection and sending it out for the second wave of feedback before I send that to copyright.

On Saturday I attend the writers workshop in Ventura and get to put into practice my own advice. I’m excited.


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My article “Overcoming Shyness in Public Speaking” was just published in the May issue of SPAWNews:

I have it posted under Nonfiction. I am enjoying writing nonfiction articles again.🙂

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Two articles, “Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile – a Step-by-Step Guide” and “Building Your LinkedIn Network through Groups” were published in SPAWNews:

The articles are posted here under the “How To” tab.

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“A Step-by-Step Guide to WordPress” will be published in the upcoming March issue of SPAWNews!

Update: The article is now posted under the How-To tab. The link to the newsletter is

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