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As part of my ongoing research into marketing, I discovered that it is best if I post my social media schedule so I stick to something definite, and so people can count on what kind of traffic they will get if they Follow/Like me.

Starting December 1st I will be incorporating this blogging and social media schedule:

Marketing Mondays (#MktMon) on Twitter: I will share a profile of an amazing Marketing professional.

Tuesday TwitterPicks on Facebook: I will post the most useful piece of Twitter advice from the previous week, that would apply to everybody (as opposed to being writer-centric).

Writer Wednesdays (#WW) on Twitter, I will share information on writers that help others.

Thursday Thoughts on my blog/website, I will post a short article on writing, marketing, or random things like gluten-free holiday cooking or my favorite songs.

Friday Night Reviews on my blog/website, I will post a book review of a Really Good Read for the weekend. I have a review for tonight but I’m sitting on it until tomorrow. (While we’re in the holiday season I may be slightly off on the book reviews.)

Saturdays and Sundays I’ll be focusing on writing.

Every other month, the last Thursday of the month, I’ll send out my newsletter on Frugal Marketing. The first issue will run the last Thursday of December.

If I have any amazing news to share, I’ll post it as it happens.

Thank you!

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On the train today, I met a woman who had just discovered her husband of several decades had passed away; it had all happened too fast to coordinate for the holidays. There’s a possibility that she may be alone for Thanksgiving–that didn’t seem right, especially during such hard times, so I considered what I might have to give her. I remembered my poetry collection (“Notes at Midnight”) has a section about loss, so I gave her the bound copy that I happened to be carrying with me.

This woman was the third person I had spoken with who would be alone this Thanksgiving for various reasons. How many out there will commemorate the holiday in solitude? Some may prefer that–having the time to reflect and observe Thanksgiving on their own terms. One the other hand it could be a very sad thing, because of the loss of the person who was supposed to share that special day with one.

I’d like to share four songs that have brought me comfort during lonely times:

Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings.

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I have two projects (Notes at Midnight, a poetry collection, and The Searching Star, a children’s story) that are now available to read on my beta reader’s forum: For My Readers.

This is usually a private blog because otherwise the works are considered published and I would like to sell first rights – by having it open for only a month though, I think it’s still in beta-reader territory.

Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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I successfully returned from the Ventura Writers Weekend and I set to work. Within five days of coming home, I had three pieces accepted for publication–that has never happened before.

As I wrote one of the pieces (“Promotion for the Painfully Shy”, due December 1st) I wondered about how others become successful in the face of obstacles.

Serendipity gifted me this: Eight Things Remarkably Successful People Do.

When I was thirteen, I sold 354 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my first year as a Girl Scout. I managed to make contact with people all over my community. I was shy back then, but I was on a mission to sell the most Girl Scout cookies ever. I don’t remember why.

When I was fourteen, I pitched myself as a journalist worthy of my own “Teen Talk” column in the local paper, The Friday Flyer. Part of my job involved interviewing local students about their school.

I attended a public charter school for one year, from fourteen to fifteen. I was Student of the Month, Student of the Year, and on the Honor Roll. I was asked to give speeches when accepting the awards.

I graduated from High School as Valedictorian at sixteen, with additional honors in Creative Writing and Poetry. My valedictorian speech was printed in the local paper.

Everything I had set out to do, I had made it work, despite the fact that I had occasional panic attacks that brought on sobs of anxiety. No one knew, except perhaps my mother. But she knows everything.

Looking back at that time when I was successful in that way, there seems to be a parallel between what I faced (give up the goal or overcome the anxiety) and what someone might experience if they came across a loved one trapped under a car. There is no back-up plan, no time or room for failure. The fact that the car must move means the person will find a way to lift the car. That lifting two tons of metal is impossible doesn’t fit in the equation.

I was raised by a remarkably successful woman; how much she rubbed off on me or how much she encouraged me to just be myself, I don’t know. But I have learned to anticipate how much work is required and I embrace the challenge, especially if it means I can help others along the way.

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Today SPAWNews published my article. I have it posted on my site at

Tomorrow I am mailing my poetry collection and children’s story to copyright. I have completed my magical realism short story collection and sending it out for the second wave of feedback before I send that to copyright.

On Saturday I attend the writers workshop in Ventura and get to put into practice my own advice. I’m excited.


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